online surveys and reporting software

online surveys Working alongside Foster & Brown Research (as fabresearchonline) we provide the technical support and knowledge required to produce online surveys and reports.

FAB have many years experience in the design of survey content and the analysis of the data once collected. They work with the client to produce the questions most likely to give the information required. We build the survey, sort out the database, and offer online reporting using our reporting tool Lodeseeker™. We host both the survey and data on our server, which allows for ease of development on our side and assurance to your target recipients that anonymity can be assured (if you should need it). The data is of course yours and can be supplied in the usual electronic formats, such as Excel or csv should you not want to sign up to our Lodeseeker™ reporting option.

Although there are 'do it yourself' surveys to be found on the web that are very good (and sometimes free - see surveymonkey as a good example), we believe that if your project has any complexity, then getting help from experienced researchers is worth the money. Not only are you more likely to produce questions that give you the information you are looking for, but the user experience will be a lot better - reflecting your company in a much better light.

Because we can respond to your individual needs, we can produce a survey that gives you exactly what you want. We can also take you through the whole process from planning to analysis so you get the most out of the information you gather.

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Market Research
Foster & Brown Research - market research, consumer research, public consultation

Together with primainfo, Foster & Brown Research offer online survey and reporting as a managed package, taking you through the process of gathering the information and helping you to make sense of the answers.

Foster & Brown Research offers a complete consumer research service, using market research techniques to investigate product acceptance, branding, pricing strategies as well as many more.

Foster & Brown Research has experience in public consultation surveys and business surveys, using several methods, including face-to-face interviews, online surveys, focus groups and sensory panels.

lbgraphics design & print solutions

lbgraphics offers creative design for both web and print, including web graphics, brochures, posters, business cards, illustrations and many more.

Sioux Peto of lbgraphics is also an exciting artist, using both computer graphics to produce unique canvasses suitable for office and public areas and found materials to make unusual and stimulating artworks.