web development: information management

There is only a small step from gathering information in an online survey that is designed to be entered once to letting people access the 'survey' again and again so that it becomes something like the familiar office database.

membership management

The tasks of keeping membership lists up-to-date, keeping tabs on who has paid up and providing a directory of member information is quite a challenge to many organisations, big and small. We have created a very simple online application aimed at small to medium sized groups, to provide basic membership management which includes:

  • central switchboard accessible via login to administrators
  • add/update/delete member
  • export email list for distribution
  • export member details to Excel spreadsheet
  • members form (via login) to allow updating of information to the directory
  • link to website with search facility

Basic price from as little as £50/annum (as link to an existing website). The system is hosted by us and access is by annual fee. Access to your data is always available via the switchboard as a data download.

It is possible to extend the functionality to suit your own needs, and in particular to extend the functionality with our feedback survey module.

scientific applications: CHIASMA™

primabio - chiasma plant breeding softwareInevitably with a part of the company involved in plant breeding, we have involved ourselves in developing in-house software to aid with the planning and record-keeping involved in the eucalypt ornamental and biomass breeding programme, which we have christened Chiasma™. This has resulted in the production of a system that would be of interest to breeders of perennial crops and ornamental plants.

The database has been developed for plant species which are normally grown as vegetatively-propagated varieties, and which originate from species that are normally outcrossing and hence normally heterozygous. The database readily accommodates hybrids between species. The core of Chiasma™ has been designed to follow the breeding cycle of plants (pollen, mother, crossing, resulting seed, individual progeny) and it is therefore intuitive for breeders. Records can be entered for each stage of the cycle. Progeny and varieties resulting from open pollination can be accommodated.

The information is managed using 4 main registers: asset (breeding material), crossing (breeding history), species (starting material, important for hybrid work), suppliers (stock history).

Price is dependent on whether the program is taken “as is” or as a starter for further modifications.

web design

Efcoval - Eurpoean Food Consumption ValidationWith extensive knowledge of web design & development and a close association with an excellent design partner in lbgraphics should we need extra creative input, we are able to produce attractive, graphically pleasing websites. Although not aiming for the high volume website market, we do get involved in individual projects such as Efcoval, a European-funded nutrition project aimed at validating a pan-European food consumption method. We were the 'SME' involved with designing the website, printed materials and conference signage. Although not involved with the scientific work of the project, we did get useful feedback from Efcoval partners during the development of our healthy eating and lifestyle surveys - so we are keen to get involved in projects that improve our understanding of nutrition, mental health, child development and general well-being.

Market Research
Foster & Brown Research - market research, consumer research, public consultation

Together with primainfo, Foster & Brown Research offer online survey and reporting as a managed package, taking you through the process of gathering the information and helping you to make sense of the answers.

Foster & Brown Research offers a complete consumer research service, using market research techniques to investigate product acceptance, branding, pricing strategies as well as many more.

Foster & Brown Research has experience in public consultation surveys and business surveys, using several methods, including face-to-face interviews, online surveys, focus groups and sensory panels.

lbgraphics design & print solutions

lbgraphics offers creative design for both web and print, including web graphics, brochures, posters, business cards, illustrations and many more.

Sioux Peto of lbgraphics is also an exciting artist, using both computer graphics to produce unique canvasses suitable for office and public areas and found materials to make unusual and stimulating artworks.