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primainfo specialises in developing database applications on the web.

For MARKET RESEARCH: We work in partnership with Foster & Brown Research to produce online surveys and reporting software.

For PRODUCTIVITY: We produce web-based database applications, including a membership management system and CHIASMA™, a plant breeding management system.

For WEBSITES: We work in partnership with lbgraphics to produce stylish and creative websites and surveys.

«We believe that if we have to create a user manual, then the software is too complicated»

primainfo works together with Market & Consumer Researchers Foster & Brown Research to gather and analyse information that will help your organisation work better with your customers and workforce

We provide the technical know-how behind the FAB online presence with our online survey and reporting software.

We have partnered with Foster & Brown Research for many years and our case studies are described on our online surveys website

primabio specialises in developing and promoting new uses for eucalypts.

Prima Bio breeds and trials new eucalyptus varieties for forestry and ornamental uses. The forestry work is directed at both biomass and pulpwood production. The ornamental work is concentrated on the development of hybrid varieties for the nursery stock and cut foliage markets. Prima Bio works with clients and partners in all these topics. Prima Bio also works closely with Silvigen Ltd in promoting and developing the use of eucalyptus and other fast-growing trees for short rotation forestry for biomass energy.

Current projects :: market research

Gloucestershire Online Pupil Survey 2012

We completed the 4th Online Pupil Survey in Gloucestershire just before the Summer break. We had over 20,000 responses this time and cumulatively there is now a database of over 70,000 individual surveys since we started the survey in 2006. We have versions of the survey for Secondary, Primaary, 6th form and further education colleges and also have designs of the Primary school and Secondary school surveys to be used specifically in Special schools, for pupils with special needs. This involves taking out all the exciting visuals that we created for the original surveys and setting up individual logins so that the pupils could return to the survey and fill it in a few pages at a time.

More details on our fabresearchonline site

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