Foster And Brown Research

Conferences and Workshops

Food Matter Live conference, November 2018

As part of our collaboration with split second research, Pauline presented a very interesting talk at food matters live about how our unconscious and emotional responses to packaging influence our choice of what to buy. Her presentation can be seen here.

OPS 2018

95% of Gloucestershire schools signed up for the 2018 OPS, which is fantastic news! Over 33,000 children and young people responded this year!

Science in Parliament meeting Monday 18th June

Pauline was a guest at Westminster for the Science in Parliament meeting. The chair of the committee, Stephen Metcalfe MP, has recently published this report

South Gloucestershire 2017 OPS report

South Gloucestershire have published their summary of the Online Pupil Survey 2017


We are pleased to announce that a over 33,000 pupils responded to the 2018 OPS (Online Pupil Survey). The 2018 Lodeseeker™ will be available to schools and other users at the beginning of the Autumn term.

GHLL exists to promote health and wellbeing in children and young people and is particularly focussing on mental health issues and the support given to children and young people within Gloucestershire schools and colleges.

Mental Health resources and conferences

We can also share some mental health resources here

FAB is a mindful employer

We have signed the Charter for Employers who are positive about mental health.


Twilight Sessions

Twilight sessions to introduce LodeSeeker™ to those who wish to gain insight into the results of the 2018 Health and lifestyle surveys in Gloucestershire will be scheduled for the Autumn term.